Kimmer Men's Swim Trunks

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Kimmer Men's Swim Trunks

Yes, we have a partner company to bring you the unique Kimmer swim Trunks.

The Kimmer Rainbow design makes its appearance on the swimming trunks/ lycra swim shorts! Suitable for male, female, non-binary, etc swimmers who want to wear something bright and colourful. A great way to stand out from the crowd and to be yourself in your comfortable, fully lined shorts.  They're good fun and a fashion statement.

*lycra swim trunks
*fully lined with a soft polyester mesh lining
*custom printed and made to order in the UK (London) using my Kimmer Rainbow pattern
* machine washable
*tumble dryable ( if you really want them in a hurry)
* extra security with a tied cord at the waistband
* Great for beach, pool, sea, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and your holidays

All swimwear is made to order only. They are custom printed using sublimation dyes that permeate the fabric so that your colours will remain throughout your swims. The soft mesh lining is gentle against your skin and obviously, Kimmer rainbow pattern will help you to feel amazing.

Sizes XS (28-30 inches) right up to 4 XL (44-47 inches) 

We have partnered with Mtd Arty gifts to offer you this swim wear. See link: Etsy Mtdartygifts

Hand-made to order - 3 weeks delivery time.

Materials: lycra, polyester, sublimation dye

Sizes from XS to 4XL - we will email you after you ordered to check the size with you as this is a bespoke garment, ther eis a no returns policy on this garment.

Postage £4.95 UK only (please email us if you want it shipped elsewhere)

You can order directly with them or we can pass your order on.

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