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WRT Swoosh | Car Stickers | WRT2021 Relay

'I made a Swoosh' for WRT2021 Relay stickers are here!!

Become part of the ever-growing WRT2021 Relay community - giving back to carers!

Show others you have made a swoosh with this fantastic sticker design from Cookie Cartoonery!

These great designs are by Cookie Cartoonery.

There is a car sticker for the iron-Althon - get yours now!.

Sticker Infomation:

Round  size 110mm x110mm (0.175mm Thickness)

Our stickers are glossy. This design is made for inside the window, facing through the window so it can be seen on the other side of the car window.

For our stickers, we only use Rolls Royce print press which gives a luxurious and detailed print . It has a world-class print sharpness that works fantastically with Cookie's designs. Our stickers will rival any other brand in quality and not be beaten in design! 

Application of decals 
Clean the surface well and have a credit card at hand to smooth the car sticker onto the car window, once you have peeled the backing paper from the sticker. Place the adhesive side onto the window and gently smooth with credit card removing any air bubbles.

Note that the surface the decal is to be placed on must be dry and clean of dirt and grease, so always start by cleaning the surface and removing any grease.

Due to demand, there could be a 5-day delay in getting these to you.

Free Postage in UK

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